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O.k. So, you need a new hair style idea. You’ve been hearing it from your friends over and over now that “You’ve had that hairstyle forever!” You’ve decided that you’re sick and tired of that quick and easy, jump out of bed and throw on some clothes look.

So what’s a girl to do?

For most women choosing the right hair style is almost as important as choosing the right husband. It’s time consuming, takes hard work and dedication and most important making the wrong choice can have devastating consequences in our lives.

O.K. maybe it’s not as serious as I make it sound but when you’re out with the girls and everyone is asking you “what did you do to your hair” in a look of horror it will be.

Our hair is a part of us. It’s a part of our beauty and individuality. A full head of gorgeous hair can increase confidence while a head of dull stringy hair can have the opposite effect.

So what does it take to choose a new hair style idea?


Personnel preference
Size and shape of face/head

First you must consider personnel preference. Do you prefer long hair, short hair or medium hair?

Second take a look at the size and shape of your head. Choose a hairstyle that would be most flattering considering the shape and size. After your shower pill your hair to the top of your head making sure all your hair is away from your face.

Long Face– A short hairstyle fits best on a long face. This creates a better balance for the face.

Oval Face– If you have an oval face I envy you! Mostly any hairstyle will look great on you.

Round Face– Long hair typically looks great with a round face. If you do not like long hair adding a part on the side can help.

Square Face– A square face normally has a heavy jaw line. Softening is needed to balance out the jaw line. This can be done by drawing attention away from the jaw line and adding soft tendrils of hair falling forward from the hairline to the face and around the ears.

Heart-shape Face– A heart shape face is also easy to flatter.

Big Forehead- If you’re a big forehead girl join the ranks of many including myself, Tyra Banks and Rihanna. Typically adding a light band or a soft side swept bob like Rihanna’s can help.

Double/Receding Chin– If you have a receding or double chin it’s best to draw attention away from it by either piling hair to the top or back of the head or hanging loose to hid it.

Big Nose– A large nose needs a short, thick style. Anything Sleek and to straight will bring attention to it.

Once you think you’ve got your new hair style idea ask yourself how manageable is it. Will it be able easy to recreate in the morning before work and school? Whatever hairstyle you decide to forget to enjoy it!

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